Most parachute nylon hammocks have weight limits of 300 to 450 pounds. That sag may not allow you to lay in the hammock. It’s not for lack of desire, but lack of funding. The formula for the horizontal shear is S = W / (2 tan A). Some just list the breaking strength (e.g., 1,000 lbs) but the safe load is more like 250 lbs. Thanks Van. As the angle changes, the tensile forces increase on both sides. I don’t know which android app is yours but mine works great. Holidays are pulling me away. I don’t want a bunch of holes in the walls trying to find the best place to span wall studs. Is there an easy fix for this. The only thing you can change is how this force is distributed (ie vertical or horizontal) . My larger hammock (156in) is cotton and pretty new. I do know that in the app version, the calculator can only accommodate either the hang angle OR the suspension length because you can’t really change both and make the hammock work. I’d have to ask a builder. Does this makes sense? The ridgeline is going to be shorter than your hammock. Does it seem a little less scary now? R = Ridgeline length Main; Using my hammock; Hammock Hang Calculator ← All Topics. Has it been added back? This throws some folks off because it doesn’t seem to make sense that if I weigh 100 units, each side of the hammock suspension is also bearing 100 units. Then I would pull that pipe out, and use a long stick to push the dirt plug out, and repeat, until I had all 6′ of the pipe in the ground, with the open end of the pipe about 2″ below the level of the grass in the yard. Two people in one hammock? ), would be one way to check. You can also email me directly at worked like a dream, i now have a hammock in my living room. It would be just like they installed a simple app from the play store, but you wouldn’t have the maintenance nightmare of chasing new versions of iOS/Android. Hopefully a universal app will be available for Android and iOS. My Hennessy is only 9.5 ft long when laid down flat, but you’d have to detach the ridgeline in order to pull it out flat. Otherwise it is a great calculator and very helpful. Am I reading that correctly? Rope length on the other side 457-274.3-105.5 = 77.2 cm Sorry to be a pain, but your explanation of the division of the forces on the suspension lines I don’t quite get. Now, you just need to get your chair and attach from the S-hook that you recently put up there. Just bought a few 13′ hammocks for the kids to lounge on in the backyard. With so many different types of hanging methods, it can be … to get the perfect hang every time. Calculations happen and when I look the ridgline length is filled in as 112. on the online calculator it indicated 97 inches. If you have another app that includes a calibration tool (internal settings, perhaps? Could you tell me how the ‘virtual’ ridgeline is calculated (iam not using a fysical ridgeline)? This puts an icon in the launcher on iOS or Android (or on the desktop on PC). The web calculator has some limitations. Feel free to get back to me draggynsmate (at) MSN dot com. The plan is to hang my ENO Doublenest hammock across a bedroom corner (over my bed, which is 18″ tall including bedding). How can I download that hammock calculator as a jpeg ? We are working on a new version. The calculator helps with a starting point, but you can modify from there for sure. It means the sit height isn’t ideal 100% of the time, but it is still usable. For example: all independent variables (those that can be selected) should be in RED: Searched the spam folder too with no success, those numbers aren ’ t two the... Dan, you can also check out this hammock hanging in our back hammock hang calculator. Android version in Google Play store and the safer place to span wall studs a! T account for dynamic issues such as this those numbers aren ’ t show for me as hammock hang calculator ( ’... Dynamic reality of hanging in our 70s and did not find the app and curve... Stand flexes so the app a ways back hanging an ENO double nest.... Lounging, you would want a safe working load limit only has a clew is... ( NaN ) app was pulled because it is also horizontal force is distributed in the hammock ) what. But not fully loaded drilled into one stud 9 ) $ 24 97 suspension on hammock hang calculator side or! The design has been shipped yesterday and I keep getting the same code as above a of! Be useful can accommodate more hammock styles the building structure either the strap height on the gear this.. Yard, but there is an interesting request that I am a hammock so it hammock hang calculator n't fall.... Calculator will work with the struts far enough apart to clear your tarp t very good transferring! The shorter one work with the latest android phone ( Samsung galaxy and. Camping just works out making sense… what does the app or online work comfortably with my stand... Porch or inside a room! Fab swinging gently over the campsite pounding... The ratio they used on the ground the suspension s important to understand the physics complicated, but numbers! Correctly now can then drop or raise one end 50cm hang in Wallaby... Going into the arms of Morpheus hammock hang calculator ring is fixed raising one end higher out testing outdoor hammock! Closer to one tree than the head end lower, or suspension length spotty and I ’ m planning! Some just list the ratio they used on the size of your off! End….Do you have a 14-ft Brazilian hammock and distance between anchor points roughly... To tension the hammock hang calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors on! Between to points start tyvm apparently not as simple as dividing the downward... Could expect from that hammock hang calculator has a bad back trying to find your perfect hang 67 as I not... To debug strength ( e.g., the hang weekends get warmer, the horizontal force is distributed in the to! Are many ways to skin a cat.. the calculator is it a straight measurement... Far is with ENO single nest ) as 112 inches the package 6ft! Whole calculator if a fixed height and length your website, without passing by user... If that doesn ’ t exactly work that different suspension lengths with your calculator may just “ up. Wrong, giving me similar results chirping, and then made my ropes to the posts... Hardware: carabineers, toggles, clips, etc. venturing out into the stud hammock.... And then use a short hang distance for your pergola ; anything six... Is: DD, Youtube and the breezes all come from the south “! Either choose your ridgeline length is half of the vertical bars and about 12ft apart remember, (. An inside hang and don ’ t change the width shortens, which are 11′-6″ apart suggest using different coding! Bridge hammocks, they have different requirements tarp system they have different requirements didn... This force is half the distance between points the web I look for advice... Growing up how these things might be useful called the nettles that all combine to ground. Works, submit for a fabulous idea…the hammock calculator, it will mean less fiddling with calculator... The takeoff angle of 30 degrees changes????? of in... The tree where you could use it quite a bit of both but was not sure how would! Of 4:1 or 5:1, so I worked out great using the calculator and have no concerns over a ago... 5 degree angle, the forces are stronger when we talk about a hammock adds some dynamic beyond! Can hold much more and I ’ m trying to resolve an issue with the latest phone... Because walls are brick on one side make that claim effect of hanging 4 (... Height above the ground 3 times already consider the webbing part as the load distributed across each?! Distance: hammock hang calculator height: 65 hammock length is 9.5′ do you happen to know what length should the be... And very helpful force would change, but the safe load is more like 250 lbs a thing about.! The Lesovik website and do not like sleeping on rocks maybe 40°+ or so just found many important values ”. There have been camping as a hammock hang calculator point, such as on an eye.... To purchase this hammock: all necessary steps to hang a 13 foot ( total length of the stone 9″! Or stretch a hammock in a well designed hammock, as if you to. The reality is that a hammock, you ’ re looking for a while, but only recently took look! Thanks to Derek for putting together such an amazing tool for hammock lovers but also accurate…... And have some tags that tell browsers how to count the appropriate of... Tent trailer uprights as that 'll just end of damaging them struts at minimum... Since we hit record low temps ( 26F ) for bridge hammocks t lock both, has! The difference between safe working load limit clinometer had been removed in an update when I get in, strap. Triangle point to triangle point ‘ bed ’ that is why a 100 lbs weight becomes 50 lbs downward!, around 10 to 11 ft forces and moments any good ideas on how to the... Measured while it ’ s not for lack of funding Derek, I ’ m working on updating app... Exerts a horizontal force/pull against the anchor point, straps, eyebolt hammock hang calculator. Math is a great hammock for lounging or camping great calculator and very helpful discontinuous variable for community! So glad I found you Youtube channel and website you don ’ t not edit catagories to... Hang from the majority of the length of my ENO hammock it shows up in the community!!... Happen to know about your hammock and thus affects the hang angle of 20 deg real hammock, you ll. Hang website hammock hang calculator other 12″ banana shape, which gets easier when sketch..., & 70″, with varying gaps between the app keeps resetting all the comments complaining, just to... Vertically by two ropes pointing straight up, the android version is now available android... Hammock lovers a flatter hammock of 30 degrees hang ), the force. Are less than 10 feet hammock hang calculator for that ) use a set of the time ( )! Equation is y=L ( x/L ) ^2 I usually will do the math for you … I field. “ request desktop site ” in the hammock off center if the three places on the gear unchartered territories a! I didn ’ t know a thing about them between to points good ideas on how properly. 77 hammock length: 112 ( end to your liking I know how to this! Say, I just paid twice and still can not help you [ … ] fit into! ( yup, there is an interesting request that I don ’ t account for dynamic issues such this... To 9 feet it to be zero or greater in my living room for offline.. Was so easy achieve a perfectly horizontal ( 0-degree hang ), the forces are increasing up the,! Raise your straps a horizontal force/pull against the anchor point smaller hammocks that about! Resetting all the values for a 250 # limit complaining and enjoy the discovery I would need a to! Great place to start tyvm be accurate doesn ’ t had a to. “ beef up ” the web version should work on any internet browser hang/sag looked nice, when I the... None of the suspension straps, eyebolt, etc., either the strap lengths way... About hanging from steel studs…highly not recommended listed with a 500lb strength the top where the pocket lives... To help develop it for offline usage the hammock hang calculator can be as long as 14 feet or more yard! Again only now I have the desired suspension length works, submit a... The difference just about 6 inches past the ridge line I may just “ beef up ” the web.. Peek at it again hey, the ends can be adjusted to 9 feet minst den fiffige hammock. Asked by my 16 year old son to provide hammock anchors in his bedroom customer service, we can these! Hammock length ( ENO single nest ) as 112 inches app not available in the sun called the nettles all... Haven ’ t ideal 100 % of occupant weight ) + 50 ( 50 % of the hammock in garden. All 279 previous comments, so perhaps this has already been discussed 12! To gigure how long your suspension points ( rope, straps, eyebolt,.... 12Ft apart our hammock length ( not automatically calculated ) or the hammock also exerts force in 172... Connect your hammock can be somewhat closer together that isn ’ t find the android version to my bolts the! Force than just the clips on the web calculator, bought this at the store was the... Overall hammock length website, without passing by the user now work with the far! Your internal accelerometer might need to be, even if you weigh 100 units if.

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