* Kpop Artists: 2LSon, Jason Lee, Le, Noel and Kate Kim. * Korean Actress, Actors Audition Site: GG Entertainment Audition, * Korean Management Company: GG Entertainment. Make new friends, post your covers and try to get promoted! * Kpop Audition Site: King Kong Entertainment Audition, * Kpop Record Label: King Kong Entertainment, * Record Label Official Links: Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Record Label: Keyeast Entertainment. In comparison to other audition programs that had mentors and coaches who taught celebrity-hopefuls about music, MBC’s new program will require its participants to compete as musicians. * Avex Audition Site: Avex Group Audition - Avex Star Search - Artist Academy, * Tokyo Girls Audition Site: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Fan Cafe - Instagram. For additional information about this exciting upcoming event please contact Min. Watch their performances and start learning today. We're looking for the next best Kpop Stars! 8월 셋째주 센터오디션에 참가해주신 여러분 감사드립니다! Follow her on Twitter, click her photo above. * Kpop & Cpop Artists: Anda, Joey Yung, Twins, Nicolas Tse, Leo Ku, Charlene Choi... * Kpop Audition Site: Emperor Entertainment Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: Emperor Entertainment - Facebook - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: Excellent Entertainment Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: Excellent Entertainment, * Official Links: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Talent Audition Site: Explore Talent Audition Site. (from Every Little Step) Ex Shortfilms. Be sure to watch a few covers yourself and provide feedback to other college students on campus. The Undoing Season 1 - Hugh Grant. We have over 3,000 students already enrolled at our modern high tech university! Meet Han-Na Kim, our Korean Teacher. If you're a student here at our university, you'll also get the opportunity to leave feedback for that record label if you choose when it takes you to their record label audition comments page. While your reviewing new Kpop covers, stop by our Student Directory to start Making New Friends! T. 02-6952-2486 ㅣ F. 02-540-1057 ㅣ E. wiplabel2019@gmail.com * Kpop Artists: 2AM, GLAM, David OH, Jo Kwon, Homme, Jeong Jin Woon and more. Scroll down through our huge directory of Kpop Record Labels & Entertainment companies to search for OPEN auditions with the company. For I.N’s audition, he performed the classic song “Camellia Lady” by Lee Mi Ja, impressing the judges with his excellent trot interpretation despite his young age. Want to send an audition for the entertainment that your favorite group or artist is signed to? Or if your company is not on our list, please send us a message asking us to add you. * Kpop Audition Site: Yedang Company Kpop Auditions, * Official Audition Links: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Fan Cafe, Includes Yedang Teen Star Artist Development Team. * Kpop Audition Site: 101 Entertainment Kpop Audition  (online). * Korean Actors/Actress: Jeon Hye Bin, Do Ji Won, Shin Se Gyeong, Yoon Je Moon. 1 talking about this. * Kpop Artists: 2NE1, BigBang, PSY, G-Dragon, Se7en, Yanggoon and others. * Kpop Artists: Solbi, Lee Hoon, Kim Jihoon, Aurora and Kim Sun Young. * Kpop Record Label: Cube Entertainment - Twitter - Email: audition@cubeent.co.kr. * Kpop Audition Site: AB Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop, Jpop Audition Site: Showbiz Japan Audition. * Kpop Audition Site: JJHolic Media Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: JJHolic Media - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube. Kpop College has several Actresses and Actors following us who are very talented at acting. Take our North college campus tour and start learning about famous award winning Kpop Artists, Actresses and Actors! Sandara Park started, "When I just came to Korea from the Philippines, my agency suddenly asked me to go for an audition for the drama. Take our West college campus tour to start learning Kpop dance moves from the professional Kpop artists! * Kpop Audition Site: Core Contents Media. In order to up his appeal to the judges, I.N then performed a dance cover of BTS‘s “Boy With Luv” and EXO‘s “Love Shot.”, PENTAGON’s Yeo One also greeted the judges by showcasing a new side of himself, covering Park Sang Chul’s “Hwang Jin Yi.”. * Kpop Artists: Lush, Ge Hak-mi and others. * Kpop Audition Site: JellyFish Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: JellyFish Entertainment, * Official Audition Links: Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Trainee. * Kpop Audition Site: Cube Entertainment  * List of those who have applied. The Undoing (miniseries) 2:50. Hui jokingly shared, “It’d be nice if we made it together, but while we’re here, it’d be nice if I did a little bit better.” When asked if he would give up his spot for Yeo One, Hui hilariously answered, “I don’t think I could.”, Hui also prepared a dance performance to Rain’s viral hit “Gang.” Before showing off his impressive dancing skills, he commented, “When I was practicing, I wanted to show off a very wild and beast-like image, but me doing it just made it cute.”. * Kpop Audition Site: R's Company Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: R's Company - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: Rainbowbridge Kpop Audition, * Kpop Audition Site: Rose Q Kpop Audition, * Kpop Artists: Park Ji Min, Lee Ha-Yi, Baek Ah Yeon, * Kpop Audition Site: SBS Kpop Star Audition - Kpop Ultimate Audition, * Kpop Management: SBS TV  (JYP, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment) Judges, * SBS Official Links: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: Seotaiji Kpop Audition. * Korean Actress/Actors: Kong Hyo Jin, Kim Min Hee, Jung Il Woo and others. Enroll today and start posting your Kpop covers and make new friends! * Kpop Artists: Specializes in the management of foreign talent overseas. * Kpop Audition Site: 2LSon Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: 2LSon - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Naver - Google+, * Kpop Audition Site: 2Works Kpop Audition. The Radio Star, Star Audition #05, 위대한 탄생 20121226. Different boy group members who are interested in trot have also tried their luck with the auditions. When you send in pictures for almost anything involving theatre/entertainment you need: 1 head shot showing your face (shoulders and up or higher), 1 profile, and 1 full body shot. * Kpop Artists, Actress & Actors: Lyn, MC the Max and Sweet Sour. * Kpop Audition Site: ChungChung Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: ChungChung Music - Facebook - Twitter, * Kpop Audition Site: CT Entertainment Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: CT Entertainment - Facebook - Twitter, * Kpop Audition Site: DAM Entertainment Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Audition Site: Dancing9 Kpop Audition, * News: Kpop Audition from 01-31-13 to 04-26-13, $500,000 prize awards, * Kpop Audition Site: Dareun Entertainment Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: Dareun Entertainment - Facebook - Twitter, * Kpop Artists: Hera, Yeon Jung Hoon, Lee Min Jae, * Kpop Audition Site: DBM Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Korean Actresses, Actors: YB, Hye Park, Wright Bros and others, * Korean Audition Site: Dee Company Acting Audition, * Korean Label: Dee Company - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: DEF Company Kpop Audition. MBC’s “Favorite Entertainment” is a music variety program that aims to create a top trot boy group. The NBCUniversal Page Program is a 12 to 15-month rotational learning and development program that gives early career talent a well-rounded experience along with unmatched exposure to the media industry. * Kpop Audition Site: TS Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Record Label Official Links: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: Universal Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: Universal Entertainment - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: Urban Life Company Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Dance Academy: Urban Life Company - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Fan Cafe, * Japanese Artists: MorningMusume, Juice=Juice, UFZS, BerryZ, Smileage, others, * Japanese Audition Site: Up Front Promotions Jpop Auditions, * Japanese Artists: Fat Cat, Vixx, SMAP and others, * Japanese Audition Site: Victor Entertainment Auditions - Twitter, * Japanese Label: Victor Entertainment - Facebook, * Kpop Audition Site: WA Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: WA Entertainment - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Google+. David Oh was one of the most popular contestants throughout the program for his great vocals, charming looks and sweet smile. So why not enroll at Kpop College today to start getting promoted and earn the extra free advertising to help get noticed by the record labels! Promoting New Students to Become Future Stars. We also have many hours of top notch high quality Korean language learning classes. * Kpop Audition Site: Good Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Pop Artists: Rino Nakasone (SM Entertainment Choreographer), Ai Shimatsu, more, * Pop Audition Site: Go To Talent Agency Audition, * Kpop Audition Site: GM Contents Media Kpop Audition, * Kpop Audition Site: GYM Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Audition Site: Haeun Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: Haeun Entertaintment - Twitter, * Kpop Audition Site: Happy Face Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: Happy Face Entertainment - Twitter. * Kpop Artists: Park Min Young, Seo Hyo Rim, Sung Yuri, Kim Sun A and more. * Korean Artists: Malo, Jeon, Jeduk, Kwon Jinwon, Park Juwon, Min Kyungin, Cha Eunju, Los Amigos, Chun Youngjin and more. 2018년 MBC 이리와 안아줘ㅣ채도진 역 2018년 tvN 나의 아저씨ㅣ이광일 역. * Audition Site: Asia Bridge Contents Recruit. * Kpop Artists: Shinhwa, Battle, Lyn, Sunmin, Andy and others. * Kpop Audition Site: AOMG Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Management: AOMG - Facebook - Twitter, * Kpop Audition Site: Apple of The Eye Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Management: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter, * Kpop Audition Site: AQ Entertainment Kpop Audition (audition@aq-ent.com), * Kpop Audition Site: Areia Creations Audition. One of the top rated DJ companies in Florida. In the meantime, catch up on last week’s episode below. Kpop College provides a wealth of well researched information for our students who are attending our university. This is your chance to participate in the Global Kpop Star 6 competition held by YG, JYP and Antenna. One memorable live audition was Astro’s MJ WITZ’s Jooan also auditioned for the show 1) Visit Kpop Star 6, go to Global Auditions to sign up then make time to attend the auditions at the places denoted below. Tweets from https://twitter.com/KpopCollege/lists/record-label-auditions, JSDA (Japan Street Dance Association) Dance Audition, The Creative Dance Academy Theater Entertainment. Auditions for Maggie "At the Ballet", A Chorus Line, Mara Davi wins! Los Angeles (5/30/15), Orange County (5/31/15), San Francisco (6/6/15), Seattle (6/13/15), Hawaii (6/20/15). That has also led to his role on the new season of MBC … Playing your favorite music and entertaining all your guest. For more information visit: FNC Entertainment Audition. Watch The Blind Auditions Season Premiere (Season 17, Episode 1) of The Voice or get episode details on NBC.com Be Korean, Japanese or Chinese, relocate to Korea), * Kpop Audition Site: EarlionStars Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: EarlionStars Entertainment. * Korean Audition Site: Soop Entertainment Audition, * Korean Mangement Label: Soop Entertainment, * Kpop Audition Site: SoulShop Entertainment Kpop Audition - Twitter Audition, * Kpop Record Label: Soul Shop Entertainment, * Record Label Official Links: Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: Stardom Entertainment Kpop Audition  (at bottom of page) - Twitter, * Kpop Record Label: Stardom Entertainment, * Record Label Official Links: Twitter - Facebook. Image Source: MBC every1. World Ranks are based on how popular their website is with visitors, the lower the score the better. Hello, This is Mostafa, I’m a Video Editor/ Videographer/Video producer based in New York and I’m willing to travel if necessary .I speak English and Arabic fluently. * Kpop Artists: Jessica Ho, Someday, Top Combine, Yu Heming, * Kpop Audition Site: Doremi Media Audition, (1) DR Music - Inactive links, see Yedang Entertainment, * Kpop Artists: Tahiti, Cho Jung Seok, RyuHo Seok, Lee Kyu Hwa and others, * Kpop Audition Site: DreamStar Entertainment Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: DreamStar Entertainment, (2) Dream Tea Entertainment (See: Wellmade Starm Inc), * Kpop Audition Site: Dream Tea Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: Dream Tea Entertainment, * Kpop Artists: KARA, Rainbow, A-Jax, DSP Boz, * Kpop Audition Site: DSP Kpop Audition - DSP Kpop Audition Cafe, * Kpop Audition Site: Send email to: D-Business@daum.net. Audition live, but not at a mass or limited-time audition (Mass auditions are SM's Global Auditions and Youth Star Auditions and limited-time auditions are those like the Pledis Asian-American USA Audition or the TS Entertainment November Auditions.SM's Weekly Auditions in Seoul and LA and Monthly Auditions in Japan are a good example. Good that you realized that this was not a real audition for a Disney show. * Korean Actress, Actors: Lee Dajin, Lee Ilhwa, Eugene, Ryujin and others. * Kpop Audition Site: YG Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Official Audition Links: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * YG Entertainment: Wikipedia - YouTube - Twitter - eBay - email - Shop - English, - Stock - Trainees - USA - Blog - Facebook - Online Audition - Internship - Wallpaper, Dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Hapjeong 398-21 SK Building B1F rookie development team, * Kpop & Jpop Artists: YG Entertainment & Avex Entertainment artists, * Kpop Record Label: YGEX Entertainment - Facebook. Students who utilize good team work skills, display staying power endurance, who are positive and optimistic coupled with talent and great visual on stage appearance will be promoted. You can still view all the Record Label auditions shown below. 4:18. Profile Page - Learn Korean - Homepage - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - IG, Online Video Submissions: May 15 - June 14, 2015, Final Showdown: July 11, 2015 @ Golden Gate Park, California, Finals: October 18, 2015, 2015 @ Changwon, South Korea, Visit: Korusfoundation.org - KBSWorld - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube. Our Korean teacher, Han-Na Kim teaches our classes. Start now, Learn Korean Language. Note: Our new ranking system is under construction shown above. JYP also has bi-monthly auditions. * Kpop Audition Site: N.A.P Entertainment Audition (scroll down to bottom of page). (Send short profile, contact information, photo, audio file and video file). ... MBC Entertainment. * Kpop Artists: Infinite, Baby Soul, Nell, Jisun. * Kpop Artists: Tahiti, Misty, Depeche Mode and others. * Kpop Audition Site: B2M Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Record Label Official Links: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Newscaster Audition Site: CGM Entertainment Audition, * Actress Artists: Kong Seo Young, Choi Hee, Chun Yi Seul, Kim Jun Hee, Others, * Actress Audition Site: Chorokbaemjuna E&M Audition, * Actress & Actor Entertainment Label: Chorokbaemjuna E&M, * Kpop Audition Site: Chrome Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: Chrome Entertainment, * Kpop Artists: Busker Busker, Shinwa, VIXX, Roy Kim, See Ya, Waveya, * Kpop Audition Site: CJ E&M Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: CJ E&M Entertainment - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube. It is not a Disney audition. 서울시 강남구 언주로 148길 19, 청호빌딩 3층 (주)더블유아이피 T. 02-6952-2486 ㅣ F. 02-540-1057 ㅣ E. wiplabel2019@gmail.com If your company or if you noticed that a company has improved their navigation and English section of the site, please contact us so we can re-score. Dahye's poison (poison) first episode It'S 3 in a moment! * Kpop Artists: Han Ji Hye, Of Kim, Donghyeonbae, * Kpop Audition Site: Wayz Company Audition, * Kpop Artists: Choreographers from 4Minute, Kara, T-ara, Xia, Block B, BAP, * Kpop Audition Site: Wazzle Entertainment Contact, * Kpop Record Label: Wazzle Entertainment, * Kpop Record Label: Wealive - Facebook - Twitter, * Kpop Artists: Girls Day, Lee Jung Suk, Oh Yeon Seo, * Kpop Audition Site: Wellmade Kpop Audition, * Kpop Audition Site: WH Entertainment Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: WH Entertainment - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: Winning Insight Kpop Auditions, * Kpop Record Label: Winning Insight M - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube. * Pop Artists: Qu (Wanting) and many others. Scroll down through our huge directory of Kpop Record Labels & Entertainment companies to search for OPEN auditions with the company. Casting all your anxiety upon him, because he careth for you. * Kpop Audition Site: Ntree Kpop Auditions. Global Kpop Star 6 Auditions will be held in: New York on 3 September 2016, LA on 3 September 2016, Boston on 7 September 2016, Seattle on 10 September 2016, San Francisco on 10 September 2016 and Sydney, Australia on 17 September 2016. * Kpop Artists Academy: Kim Sori, GI, TriTops, Crispi Crunch. * Artists: Missy Elliot, Phil Collins, Matchbox Twenty, Flo Rida, The Rolling Stones. * Kpop Audition Site: YMC Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Kpop Audition Site: YNB Entertainment Kpop Audition, * Record Label Official Links: Twitter - Facebook - YouTube, * Kpop Audition Site: YS Media Kpop Audition, * Kpop Record Label: YS Media Entertainment. * Kpop Artists: 4Men, Dal Shabet, Bebe Mignon and others. Kpop Auditions: Professional Record Labels & Entertainment Ltd, Kpop College Introduction Video by Korean Teacher: Han-Na Kim, Kpop World Festival 2015 in Changwon, South Korea, Cube Entertainment OPEN Auditions (Taiwan), Directory of 150 plus Kpop Record Labels & Entertainment Companies. * Kpop Artists: Kim Greem, Suki and Lee Boram. In our university library we have many educational training videos to help our students learn the proper way to dance. Mvideo24h. * Korean Artists: Miss Cho, Youme and others. MBC
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